Powered by DataScava’s unstructured text data mining engine, TalentBrowser is available as a standalone system or to work automatically behind the scenes with your career site, ATS, job boards, databases, talent sources, business intelligence tools, and other solutions.

TalentBrowser generates millions of weighted scores and other value-added metadata about the raw unstructured text data on your resumes and profiles of existing staff, previously-sourced candidates, new applicants, and referrals for use in business initiatives such as:

  • People Analytics
  • Talent Marketplaces
  • Recruitment and Engagement Staffing
  • Critical Skills Gap Planning
  • Employee Self Service
  • Global Location Planning
  • Human Capital Risk
  • IT Risk
  • Learning and Development
  • Next-Gen Workforce
  • Pipeline Forecasting
  • Project Planning
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Reduction in Force
  • Retirement and Resignation Planning

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