Just as each person has a unique fingerprint, their resume and professional profile is different from all others.

TalentBrowser’s Skills Analytics and Domain-Specific Search algorithms index, mine and measure the raw contents on individual resumes and professional profiles to generate millions of weighted topic scores and other metadata — about each person’s skills, experience, education, and more — for use in talent and BI tools and initiatives.


Data-Driven Decisions

Every time you receive an updated resume or profile, the raw text is recalibrated on the fly, with earlier versions and scores saved automatically and available for easy reference.

If the person matches any open jobs based on their updated topic scores, TalentBrowser automatically assigns them to the Job and a Hot List for your review. The system also supports time-sensitive and language-independent user ranking.

Measuring skills, experience and other attributes using your own pre-defined criteria encapsulated in your software enables you to standardize and continuously refine candidate assessment so you can make intelligent data-driven decisions across your organization.