Before expending effort on a new search, it makes sense to first search your existing talent for the ideal fit.

Our Talent Matching uses patented Weighted Topic Scoring to filter, match, and route resumes and profiles of your existing staff, previously-sourced candidates, new applicants, and referrals across all open needs, eliminating those that don’t meet your minimum score thresholds in EVERY defined criteria.


How It Works

Talent Matching works automatically around the clock using proprietary Domain-Specific Language Processing (DSLP), Tailored Topics Taxonomies (TTT), and Job Search Templates you control.

It allows users to “set the bar” for each of the required/desired weighted topic scores related to skills, experience, role, location, and more.

TalentBrowser returns a shortlist of highly qualified Job and Hot List matches and continues to do so automatically for as long as the job is open in your system.

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Rank and Sort Match Results

Home in further with our multi-level sort to drill down on specific skills, experience, location, and other role requirements so you can quickly pinpoint the best people from internal and external sources.

A detailed history and workflow allows you to track all recruitment activities, maintain detailed interview notes, and current job details.

Create Your Own Talent Marketplace

Over time, as accumulated knowledge and proprietary jargon are encapsulated in your system, the greatest source of talent will be your own talent marketplace.

Each new position is an opportunity to build upon prior knowledge and increase your organizational efficiency.