DataScava commissioned a series of articles from Scott Spangler, former IBM Watson Health Researcher, Chief Data Scientist, and author of the book “Mining the Talk: Unlocking the Business Value in Unstructured Information.”

Scott discusses how and why DataScava’s patented precise approach to mining unstructured text data perfectly complements real-world big data applications in AI, ML, RPA, BI, Research,Talent, and BAU applications. He also contrasts our Tailored Topics Taxonomies, Domain-Specific Language Processing, and Weighted Topic Scoring methodologies with standard approaches such as NLP.

Here are excerpts from Scott’s articles:

DataScava . . . 

“Perfectly complements existing approaches to unlocking the value of unstructured text data – by helping companies to model higher-level intents and purposes behind the labeling and classification of data – by defining the abstract topics and themes that represent their own business and subject matter expertise – and by applying both to big data sets real-time.”

“Enables a more data-centric approach to business applications, with topic models which reflect the primary areas of focus, flexible topic scoring to encode your organization’s priorities, and customized text processing that mirrors the way people actually communicate in the industry.

“Algorithms will be more effective in the long run if they are part of a more holistic framework that includes user-controlled domain-specific ontologies, statistical analysis, and rule-based reasoning strategies. These are the basic ingredients that a tool like DataScava provides.”

“Is a robot ally in humanity’s struggle for control of how we utilize big data to make decisions. By providing tools for defining the key underlying topics and rules that govern important concepts of the business needs, it evens the playing field so that machine learning no longer has to have the final say on critical business decisions.”

“Can supervise the process based on human-provided expertise and determine which data to use for training and which to avoid, as well as in which situations to trust deep learning decisions and when to fall back on more rule-based approaches. Such processes put the humans back in charge and allow the machines to serve their intended role as adjuncts and trusted advisors.”

“In partnership with a trained human mind – can act effectively as a tool for giving the left brain an equal say in big data decision-making tasks.”

“Can play a leading role in helping businesses manage and maintain their big data more efficiently using information ontologies, statistics with visualization and rule-based approaches.””

“Provides a practical, easy-to-use tool-set for defining the critical business ontologies that provide the critical bridge between unstructured text data analysis using standard data science techniques and the human expertise that gives your business its competitive edge.”

“When a deep learning system and DataScava agree on a classification, that’s ideal because then we now have a plausible explanation for why the deep learning algorithm decided the way it did.”

“Can help data professionals and business people use machine and human intelligence together to make their messy unstructured text data more accessible, understandable and actionable.”

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Resource Management, Professional Services


Gartland and Mellina Group (acquired by Sia Partners)

CEO/CoFounder, Albert J. Mellina

“Our firm is a management consulting company.  Our goal is to support Financial Services clients with experienced, industry knowledgeable consultants who can get the job done.  TalentBrowser powered by DataScava enables us to find, qualify and position the right resources, for the right opportunity at the right time.

Through the use of this product, we have positioned the right, seasoned consultants for projects at our clients including Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.  The skill sets needed were articulated by our Engagement Managers and the staff was identified by searching TalentBrowser not only for the specific requirements, but also their availability, location, reporting partner.  In some cases the right individual was currently engaged at another client.

TalentBrowser enabled us to immediately identify this fact thereby allowing our partners to either continue the search or negotiate a workable solution for all parties. This product has enabled us to replace our resource managers (lower cost), place the decision-making in the hands of our partners (they now have all the facts), and respond to clients in a faster, more efficient manner (increase revenue).  We highly recommend TalentBrowser for any Professional Services Firm.”

Managing Director, Don Murphy

“I had the pleasure of working with Janet on the implementation of her application, Talent Browser at our Firm. Throughout the engagement, Janet’s knowledge of the human resources process as well as her guidance and real-world experiences were invaluable in allowing us to implement an efficient and powerful solution. I would highly recommend working with Janet. I sincerely enjoyed working with her and her team. I have worked with many vendors over the course of my career, and I found both her knowledge, insight, and professionalism to be right at the top of my experiences.

Click here for the Executive Summary (PDF)

Click here for the full case study (PDF)

MedNasc for Orthopedics Surgery

MedNasc for Orthopedics

CEO/Founder, Jack Thomson

“Partnering with Janet and TalentBrowser powered by DataScava was the best business decision I could have made for MedNasc. As a first-time entrepreneur, you’re constantly facing new challenges and obstacles to overcome in order to make your vision a reality. Janet has not only worked diligently to get us off the ground, her relentless positive attitude has helped maintain momentum and meet those aforementioned challenges head-on.

From the very beginning, we had set out to differentiate ourselves from everything else in the market. Outdated technology and untrustworthy staffing firms have earned themselves the negative stigma within Orthopedics that comes with years of ineptitude. TalentBrowser was the key to the puzzle that would enable us to have a superior technology, while ensuring that we don’t lose the human element that is so vital to customer relationships and understanding our clients’ needs.

Going forward on this journey, we know that both successes and failures are going to happen. Having a trustworthy technology like TalentBrowser and a dependable business partner like Janet, is one thing I know I will never have to worry about. If you’re looking for a first-class company to work with, I strongly recommend reaching out to Janet and finding out what first-class really is.”

Click here to view their video MedNasc Video.

Technology and Financial Staffing

Integretech, New York, NY 

Sample Clients: Credit Suisse, JPMorgan, HSBC, Citibank, Jefferies Investment Bank, Liquidnet, Bank of America, UBS

CEO/Cofounder, Janet Dwyer

“With TalentBrowser, we are able to quickly identify a shortlist of top candidates for highly technical Wall Street roles that frequently also require investment banking and trading system experience from the front to back office in Fixed Income, Equities, Derivatives, and other asset classes.  TalentBrowser’s Automatic Skills Analytics and Talent Matching allow us to find the right talent to fill client openings from our database of over 200,000 previously-sourced candidates who are thrilled with our ability to reach back out with jobs that are a strong fit. As new technologies or financial instruments come to the market, we are able to update our system on the fly, and have TalentBrowser automatically rescore and match our entire candidate database real-time 24/7.”

Jefferies Investment Bank

Vice President, Chief of Staff and Technology Implementation, Bennie Larrier

“I have been lucky enough to work with Janet for many years. As an IT manager in the securities industry, I am always challenged to hire high-quality staff very quickly. Many other recuitment firms flood me with resumes, but Janet usually supplies me with one or two that are near-perfect matches. Janet has always been able to meet and far exceed my and my colleagues expectations. Her unique ability to find perfectly matched candidates is unparalleled. Her attention to detail, listening skills, and unique software and process makes her a standout in this industry. I will always use her and recommend her to others.”

Senior Vice President, Andrew Liu

“Worked with Janet for many years, and she has always been a great help in finding talent for my projects! Really great working with her.”

JPMorgan Chase/Bear Stearns

Managing Director, Ashe Vasthare

“I worked with Janet and her firm while I was a hiring manager at Bear Stearns. Over the last 15+ years I have been in the Investment Banking industry as an IT professional, I have seen a clear difference in how Janet handles requests for professional hires compared to many others. Janet goes to great lengths, well beyond the provided job description, to identify the right candidates. She has consistently provided targeted candidates that are pre-screened to meet the requirements and ready to be interviewed. Her experience in the industry, promptness, and attention to detail deserves a special mention. I have heard similar comments from the candidates as well, which tells me that she represents both parties well and with high integrity. I have hired people through her firm in the past and plan to continue to work with her and her firm. I would highly recommend Janet for any IT recruiting needs.”

Click here for the full case study (PDF)

Executive Search


Exclusive Search Connections, Wilmington, DE

CEO/CoFounder, Kevin Cameron MBA, PHR, CIR

“The war on Talent requires a plan, entering the battle with a job description and recruiting experience will provide a firm foothold in the middle of the pack.  To win the battles you need every advantage.  When Exclusive Search Connections launched the future of planning for successful talent attraction, TalentBuild, we chose TalentBrowser’s patented candidate-job matching technology to help successfully match candidates across a diverse set of industries and functions, streamlining our processes and ensuring exceptional alignment with our clients.

With TalentBrowser, you can systematically evaluate candidate backgrounds against skill requirements and set the bar on key skills and experience.  TalentBrowser and their leadership team have been an integral part of our immediate success not only in helping match skill sets and candidates, their customer focus is exceptional, lending the perspective of not only software capabilities but also industry experience and expertise.”

Click here for the full case study (PDF)