Professional Services companies are constantly faced with the challenge of staffing their client engagements with the right resources at the right time, and tracking the ever-evolving skills and experience of their in-house staff as they move from project to project.

Considerable effort is undertaken in defining the optimum staffing requirements, finding the right resource with the experience and track record needed, and confirming their availability for the assignment.

How We Can Help

TalentBrowser is software that imports, parses, matches and filters your existing and incoming resumes and profiles across all jobs automatically.

It brings top talent right to the top, based on criteria you control, so you can fill jobs faster, from within your talent pipelines.

Our Solutions

Our Automated Skills Assessment, Job Matching and Domain-Specific Search platform is available as standalone system or to work with your existing job board, database, ATS or other solutions behind-the-scenes.

Our proprietary, customizable data parser captures, scores and indexes millions of industry-specific data points about skills, experience and more, for use in recruitment, resource allocation and other people initiatives.

Identifying the right people for job openings based on your unique job requirements will ensure you achieve your goals.


Find the Right Resource When You Need Them

When an opportunity presents itself, finding the right resource mix is essential, but equally important is timing.

Engagements must be staffed and started soon after a contract is signed.

Large firms have resources across the globe, small firms rely on both local staff and their subcontractor network, and each often has to consider recruiting external candidates.

Automate the Process and Maximize Efficiency

All of this takes time and a massive amount of coordination.

In most organizations, this is either a manual process or one that has bespoke systems that are difficult to use or that have been built to help with one part of the challenge.

TalentBrowser maximizes the efficiency of Resource Management Teams and standardizes talent assessment.

We can help your organization to quickly and accurately pinpoint top talent on demand while saving time and delivering cost savings.

Ensure a Unified Approach to Talent Assessment

Resource Managers are excited at how their specific requirements and the nuances of their ongoing needs are encapsulated in a dynamic parsers that’s available in the earliest stages of the search process.

TalentBrowser enables the creation of a centralized and proprietary nomenclature and jobs library that ensures a unified approach at all phases of talent acquisition.

TalentBrowser Features

Available functionality includes:

  • Skills Assessment
  • Domain-Specific Search
  • Job Matching
  • Job Search Templates and Roles Library
  • 24/7 resume and profile data parsing
  • Customizable data parser of industry-specific topics
  • Integration options with existing recruiting software
  • Web-based delivery model for on demand access
  • Collaborative full recruiting life cycle workflow
  • Seamless integration with tools like Excel, Outlook, Word, LinkedIn
  • Automatic Excel import, export and incremental updates
  • Email templates and forms
  • Contact management, notes and activities tracking
  • Email integration and bulk email campaigns

Structured Data for People Initiatives

TalentBrowser converts unstructured data into value-added structured data that is available for business initiatives such as:

  • Recruitment and Engagement Staffing
  • Critical Skills Gap Planning
  • Employee Self Service
  • Global Location Planning
  • Human Capital Risk
  • IT Risk
  • Learning and Development
  • Next Gen Workforce
  • Pipeline Forecasting
  • Project Planning
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Reduction in Force
  • Retirement and Resignation Planning
  • Talent Mobility

Open Architecture

TalentBrowser solutions can be integrated with your existing business applications to enhance their capabilities.

An open architecture makes it simple to connect and share data via SQL or REST API in an event-driven model.

The platform is highly customizable and can be configured to meet your unique needs. During the setup process, you identify the primary inputs to the system and outputs of data for use in other platforms.