TalentBrowser is software that imports, parses, matches and filters existing and incoming resumes and profiles across all jobs automatically.

Our Solutions

Our Automated Job Matching, Skills Assessment and Domain-Specific Search platform is available as a standalone system or to work with your products behind-the-scenes.

Our proprietary, customizable data parser captures, scores and indexes millions of industry-specific data points about skills, experience and more, for use in recruitment and other people initiatives.

Integration creates a seamless solution to your end users that stays consistent with your company’s brand, identity and business.

Open Architecture

Our developers provide a fluid environment that is conducive to moving quickly and proactively to create, modify, perfect and service all aspects of the integration.

An open architecture makes it simple to connect and share data via SQL or REST API in an event-driven model.

Our professional and knowledgeable team has years of experience working with sophisticated integration partners.

Customizable Platform

The platform is highly customizable and can be configured to meet specific business needs.

Robust REST APIs create ample solutions for even the most intricate and challenging partners to find a path to create a system that can work effectively and allow room to grow.