Just as each person has a unique fingerprint, resumes and profiles provide details about their skills, experience, job roles, education and other topics. Our algorithms index and convert this raw text into 100s of scores for each candidate for your use in recruitment, resource allocation and other people initiatives.

Index Millions of Data Points

Our proprietary, customizable data parser captures, scores and indexes millions of industry-specific data points to provide a universal language for candidate quality.

When existing resumes or profiles are updated, their scores are recalibrated on-the-fly, aged data is archived for easy reference, and automated job matching kicks off across all open positions, providing results you can trust, within seconds.

The system also supports time-sensitive and language-independent user ranking on-the-fly.

Data-Driven Decisions

Measuring skills, experience and other attributes using pre-defined criteria encapsulated in your software enables you to standardize candidate assessment and make intelligent data-driven decisions across your organization.