Just as each person has a unique fingerprint, resumes and profiles provide details about their skills and experience. Our algorithms index, measure and convert this raw text into 100s of searchable scores for each candidate.

Find the Best Talent

The system stores this data for your use in filtering, ranking and matching talent to jobs, or for other people initiatives, using segmented search criteria you control, not a black box.

Index Millions of Data Points

It uses your industry-specific jargon to index, categorize, rank and score millions of data points about job roles, technical skills, business knowledge, years in workforce, current location and more, freeing up your time to engage only with the right fit.

When existing resumes or profiles are updated, scores are recalibrated on-the-fly, aged data is archived for easy reference, and job matching kicks off across all open positions, providing results you can trust, within seconds. The system also supports time-sensitive and language-independent user ranking on-the-fly.

Customizable to Any Industry

TalentBrowser includes comprehensive taxonomies and job search libraries for Techology, Financial Services and other industries. In addition, users can quickly and easily capture their business nomenclature on-the-fly or work with our professional consultants to customize your system to your unique talent profiles.

Indexing and measuring who knows what, and how much, enable you to make intelligent data-driven decisions across your organization.