Organizations in every industry must quickly and efficiently identify the right talent with the right skills to gain a competitive edge. TalentBrowser helps companies target the ideal people faster and matches unhired applicants, previously-sourced and new candidates across all jobs automatically.

Our Automated Job Matching, Skills Assessment and Domain-Specific Search platform is available as a standalone system or to work with your existing job board, database, ATS or other solutions behind-the-scenes.

Our proprietary, customizable data parser captures, scores and indexes millions of industry-specific data points about skills, experience and more, for use in recruitment and other people initiatives.

Identifying the right people for job openings based on your organization’s unique job requirements will help you grow your business and ensure you achieve your goals.

Skills Assessment

Just as each person has a unique fingerprint, they have a combination of professional skills, work experience and knowledge they share on resumes and profiles.

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Domain-Specific Search

Our Domain-Specific Search engine is customizable and delivers highly precise, accurate and visible results. It is tailor-made for specialized, jargon-intensive industries such as Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, Engineering and more.

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Job Matching

When 85% of job applicants don’t meet minimum job criteria, why do Job Boards and Applicant Tracking Systems focus on tracking applicants?

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Applicant Tracking System

TalentBrowser is available as a standalone ATS with Automated Job Matching, Skills Assessment and Non-Semantic Search.

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