TalentBrowser works as a standalone tool or an enabling technology that provides automated Talent Matching and Skills Analytics behind the scenes to ATS’s, Job Boards, talent communities and other solutions.

The system imports, parses, indexes, filters and matches existing and incoming resumes and profiles across all jobs automatically.

It brings top talent right to the top, based on criteria you can see, control and measure, so you can fill jobs faster.

Find Talent You Already Have

A lost gem costs thousands, and not doing a deep dive before starting a new search to find people you may already have makes no sense.

Neither does manually eyeballing every single resume or profile you receive, when 85% don’t even meet minimum job criteria.

Maximize Efficiency and Rank the Results

TalentBrowser automates how you do both, maximizing your efficiency and ability to mine, match and filter talent pools, previously-sourced candidates and unhired applicants. Did we mention we also rank the results?

The system is customizable to any industry, and really shines for jargon-intensive specialty jobs in technology, finance, healthcare and more.

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Skills Analytics

Our skills assessment engine indexes raw text on resumes and profile, scoring skills, experience, roles, education and more for use in automated job matching.

Within seconds, it identifies hundreds scores for each individual, based on what’s important to you.

Every time you receive an updated resume or profile, the raw text is recalibrated on-the-fly, with earlier versions and scores available for easy reference.

If the person matches any open jobs based on their updated scores, TalentBrowser automatically assigns them to the job and a Hot List for your review.

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Domain-Specific Language Processing (DSLP)

We don’t use off-the-shelf semantic toolkits, NLP, fuzzy logic or machine learning. The system mines the unstructured text on resumes and profiles using fully editable Domain-Specific Language Processing (DSLP) and Weighted Topic Scoring, which allows users to set minimum “required” and “nice-to-have” score thresholds to be met in each topic, and produce highly precise match results.

People who may match a one-dimensional Boolean search but lack the depth of experience in key skills required to do the job are filtered out. In addition, the high percentage of false matches associated with Semantic Search, a frequent complaint of recruiters who use it, disappears.

With TalentBrowser, what you ask for is what you get.


Weighted Topic Scoring (WTS)

Our patented Weighted Topic Scoring lets you “set the bar” in weighted topics related to your job search using industry-specific criteria and nomenclature you control.

By requiring higher score thresholds in key “must-haves” for a job, the cream quickly rises to right to the top.

In addition, people who may match a Boolean search but may lack the depth of experience necessary in key job criteria to make them a strong fit for the job are filtered out.

As new resumes and profiles arrive, TalentBrowser processes and evaluates them across all open job searches, and automatically assigns them to roles they match, for as long as the job is open in your system.

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Talent Matching with a Human in Command

The combination of machine and a human working together maximizes productivity, keeps you in control, and results in a true competitive advantage.

With TalentBrowser, you can stop reinventing the wheel on every new position and make hiring happen faster.

TalentBrowser Benefits

Using our solution you will:

  • Fill openings with previously sourced or in-house people and stop reinventing the wheel on every job
  • Nurture and build your own talent pools to reduce reliance on job boards and paid services
  • Source passive candidates to find the best people faster and increase profitability
  • Optimize recruiting efficiency while reducing headcount and overhead
  • Encapsulate your business intelligence and jargon in your software
  • Standardize talent assessment across your organization

TalentBrowser Features

Our users are excited at how their specific requirements and nuances of ongoing needs are encapsulated in a dynamic parser that’s available at the earliest stage of the decision-making process.

Available functionality includes:

  • Skills Analytics
  • Domain-Specific Search
  • Talent Matching
  • Job Search Templates and Roles Library
  • 24/7 resume and profile data parsing
  • Editable parser with industry-specific topics
  • Integration options with existing recruiting software
  • Web-based delivery model for on demand access
  • Collaborative full recruiting life cycle workflow
  • Seamless integration with tools like Excel, Outlook, Word, LinkedIn
  • Automatic Excel import, export and incremental updates
  • Email templates and forms
  • Contact management, notes and activities tracking
  • Email integration and bulk email campaigns

Structured Data for People Initiatives

TalentBrowser converts raw text on resumes and profiles into value-added data for business initiatives such as:

  • Recruitment and Engagement Staffing
  • Critical Skills Gap Planning
  • Employee Self Service
  • Global Location Planning
  • Human Capital Risk
  • IT Risk
  • Learning and Development
  • Next Gen Workforce
  • Pipeline Forecasting
  • Project Planning
  • Recruitment Strategy
  • Reduction in Force
  • Retirement and Resignation Planning
  • Talent Mobility

Open Architecture

TalentBrowser software can be integrated with your existing business applications to enhance their capabilities.

An open architecture makes it simple to connect and share data via SQL or REST API in an event-driven model.

Customizable and Configurable

The platform is highly customizable and can be configured to meet your unique needs.

During the setup process, you identify the primary inputs to the system and outputs of data for use in other platforms.