Headquartered in New York City, with decades of combined experience in recruitment, technology and financial services, we’ve created this elegant, world-class solution based on our own experience.

Our automated Skills Analytics, Domain-Specific Search and Job Matching platform is available as standalone system or to work with your existing job board, database, ATS, business intelligence tools or other solutions.

The system converts raw text on your resumes and profiles into 100s of scores per candidate. This value-added data can be used in Recruitment, Resource Planning, Learning and Development, Talent Mobility, Succession Planning and other people initiatives.

The power of your TalentBrowser grows as you use it, and each new position is an opportunity to build on prior knowledge.

Over time, this accumulated knowledge and jargon reside in your proprietary solution, so new users can take advantage of this intelligence from day one, and junior team members learn just by using the system.

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Capture Your Subject Matter Expertise

TalentBrowser helps you to encapsulate your unique subject matter expertise and nomenclature in your software.

Companies are always looking for a competitive edge, TalentBrowser is that edge.

Built Upon Real-World Experience

TalentBrowser was initially developed by Integretech, our Technology Staffing firm that used it as its sole ATS for a decade to successfully recruit mission-critical placements for Wall Street, the Fortune 100 and high-tech companies.